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Contact Us - NDNS Selah Kelly Lewis

Kelly T. Lewis BCP, BCC, MSc, MBM, MBA

Kelly Lewis has served over 26 years in the ministry and business world as an entrepreneur in Business and  Non-Profit Development and Administration.

When the Lord called him into ministry in 2006 he began his journey assisting others in reaching their full potential in life.

In 2008 he became the Director of Operations for the Village where he handled day to day operations, assisted in creating the organizations operations model, created and directed their job development program, directed facility maintenance, assisted in program development, directed and counseled inmates of the Alabama Department of Corrections who were out of prison on early release involved with the Supervised Re-Entry Program. He was Director Pastor, Preacher, Teacher and Leader for approximately 500 men and women during his time at the Village.

In 2010 he began the process of developing NewDay-NewStand and Refuge of Peace.

In 2011 he left his position at the Village to start The Wellhouse as Co-Executive Director. The Wellhouse had already been founded and somewhat started. Kelly assisted in getting the ministry on a solid forward motion. He worked with victims of Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation and Prostitution by Rescue, Refuge and Restoration nationwide. He was involved in Rescue operations, Business and Program Administration, Public Awareness Speaking, Victim Counseling, Teaching, etc.

In 2012 NewDay-NewStand launched it’s operations as a 501 C3 Non-Profit Organization

NewDay-NewStand(NDNS) and Refuge of Peace have many unique characteristics and Kelly’s involvement there goes deep within the core of the organization. He is personally involved in every aspect of this organization and believes that each Location, Resident Client, Donor, Associate, Partner, Interested Individual, etc., deserves his personal attention.

The Lord has lead him to where his is today and by confirmation he knows where he needs to be. He gives credit to the Lord for all he does.

His certifications and education includes:

Masters Degree in Business Administration

Masters Degree in Business Management

Bachelors of Arts in  Psychology and Human Services

Masters of Arts in Social Science/Sociology

Bachelors of Art in Biblical Counseling

He attended seminary where he studied Biblical Studies and Theology.

He is an I.F.C.C. - Certified Christian Chaplain, 5 years.

He is now Executive Director of New Day-New Stand and Refuge of Peace.

He is an independent consultant for businesses and non-profit organizations as requested.

Street Preaching - Preaches Inner City, Prayer Vigils, Public Gatherings, etc.

Speaking, Teaching, and Preaching

Kelly Lewis is available upon request for public and private Human Traffic Awareness, Speaking, and Teaching.

May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your heart, your mind, and your soul, through Jesus Christ.

Peace…Amen…So Be It

He is available upon request for public or private speaking and teaching on the following subjects:

All of Kelly’s public speaking, teaching and preaching events are Christ centered and Biblical Based.

Preaching - Preaching from the Bible

Speaking & Teaching on Life Change

Understanding Scripture

Personal Growth

Personal Development

Discipline and Structure

Understanding Reality

Self Control

The Meaning of Integrity

Living a Healthy Life Completely


Personal Gifts

Talents and Abilities

Reaching Your Full Potential

Knowledge + Understanding + Application = Wisdom

There are many other topics he has available for preaching and teaching which are not mentioned here.

“Change is a Choice” Confidentiality is a Priority.