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Diversified Assistance Operations

The Diversified Assistance Ministry Programs are designed to offer assistance in many different areas of an individuals personal and professional life. We understand the importance of short-term and long term goals, short-term and long term planning, remaining spiritually focused on the Word of God, Life Skills, Job Skills, Behavior Skills, Cognitive Skills, and much more. We do all this beginning with spiritual guidance through the Word of God.

We offer Christian counseling that focuses on the individual needs of each residential client within our organization. Including the areas listed above, we offer development and implementation of Life Plans. We offer individual next step development assistance. We offer assistance with taking care of existing legal charges., Drivers license re-instatement requirements, personal planning and implementation of preventative measures for the the future.

We assist people in calming the storms that they sometimes experience within their lives and prepare them for the handling of the ones yet to come.

We are assisting people who are transitioning from other recovery programs, homelessness, prison and different areas of housing. We are Assisting people in getting to a quality level of life that they want to be instead of allowing them to stay at the level that they think they have to be.

We are assisting people to understand the importance of  an organized, detailed life and organized living environment. Clean and free from unneeded obstacles that will stand in the way of a peace of mind that comes from a cluttered or disorganized type living environment.

We are assisting people to understand how their actions not only affect themselves but other people, too. To develop a selfless way of life that shows the love of Christ is within them.

We assist people in understanding and accepting personal accountability throughout life.

- Being willing to answer (accepting your actions)

- To be accountable (Responsible for your actions)

Accepting the outcomes resulting form personal choices, behaviors, and actions without excuses or arguments.

Some areas of counseling may be referred out.

“Change is a Choice” Confidentiality is a Priority.